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“Blue the Greatest”, known to his family and close friends as Corey Clark, was born in Baltimore, MD 1984. Blue has family mainly from the east-coast including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. As the oldest child of 11 brothers and sisters, Blue lived with his family in Philadelphia for 6 years before moving to El Paso ,Texas in 1989. He moved to Texas because of his mother’s involvement in drug-trafficking. His Grandmother had to sell everything the family had to save her daughters life. He lived with his Grandmother and siblings on the streets of El Paso for 4 days before his Grandmother also got involved in the drug world because of the pressure to provide and take care of her grandchildren. Not long after her involvement, Blue’s grandmother received an 8 year sentence for her role in the drug world. At the age of 13, Blue started selling crack-cocaine himself because he felt the need to fulfill a roll as the man of the house. By the age of 14, Blue was a frequent visitor of the juvenile detention center due to selling drugs and burglarizing houses. He ended up making it out of the juvenile detention center with a criminal record. Starting with a clean adult record, Blue was about to graduate from high school and go to college with a football scholarship.

Due to a horrible decision regarding drugs and a female, he ended up with a 4 year prison sentence. Three years later on September 9, 2007, Blue the Greatest was released from prison on parole. Unfortunately, he returned to the same lifestyle of drug-trafficking. After four short months of the fast life, he found himself back in the system on January 15, 2008 with a new four and a half year prison sentence. Since he was released in January 2012, Blue the Greatest has been on an entirely different path. He has been striving hard and pushing himself to a whole new level musically, mentally, and physically as a business man as well as an artist. Blue has come a long way with a video on Facebook that reached over 100,000 views and several hits on YouTube with thousands of views. His first mix tape “LIFE OF CRACK VOL 1” was released world wide in April 2014 and is still available for sale on over 500 digital websites. Blue’s latest single “YOU WANT IT” is available on over 700 digital stores world wide and has been registered for the charts in the UK. He has been pushing and working on the quality of his music and getting it into the hands of potential fans and music industry professionals. Blue is now a family man who will not stop until he gets to the top.

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