"What defines you? Is it the Smiles that you wear, or is it the Depth of your fears?"

This thought runs through every inch of the figure known as “KiD”. Starting on the path of music in his sophomore year of high school, KiD (Known as Keemz at the time) wasn’t aware of the path laid before him. It wasn’t till the making of the group Kidz W/out Faces 4 years afterwards that he took on the title Keemz, and started becoming more serious with his music career. A few more years after the group disbanded he went from Keemz to the artist known today as KiD.

KiD is a Rapper, Lyricist, Photographer, and Songwriter ready to jump in the fires of life and willing to take on anything to get where he needs to go. KiD has stood the test of time, and regardless of the struggle; continues to fight! He has rapped on stages at the Voltage Lounge, UPenn, & 215OnTheRide and is working more on developing his own way of rap; One that hasn’t been seen before. Currently KiD is using the life struggles he’s been facing since the lost of his mother at 3 years old and recent situations, to help with the stories he’s trying to tell. His goal for his music is to shine light on the voices left in the dark and to show that no matter what the challenges, theres always a way out.


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