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Kovah Reesh, one of the most promising artists in North America. Raised in Carson, Ca with roots in Compton. Kovah has a universal million dollar sound that many compare to Chris Brown and Trey Songz. A sound that transcends musical genres, age groups and geographical lines. His sound is said to be edgy, soulful, seductive, and timeless. There's no limit of success for this kid.

"I want to simply create moments and memories by conveying emotion through music."

Coming from a household of musicians and a father who also sings Kovah had the perfect environment to pick up his style and skill for being the musician he is today. His upbringing infused his style of music by exposing him to artist like Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson. At only 23 years old he has had multiple label interests, a few big names and features, several single releases pending, not to mention being set to take the world by storm with his latest single “Swerve Easy” releasing on all major platforms on May 31, 2017.

"I would describe my music as a refreshingly urban but global sound. Simply feel good music. It’s going to make you feel some type of way and you’ll want more."

Already catching the attention of big names in the industry with his first project "Waita Minute" we're all excited for what's to come next from this young artist. Kovah is determined to be the biggest mainstream artist ever and it is apparent he’s on the right track, keep a look out for big things from Kovah he is definitely your next favorite singer. He is the breath of fresh air the industry has been gasping for!

Artist Name
Kovah Reesh
Musical Style/Genre
R&B with a mix of contemporary pop, Hip Hop and R and Bass rhythms mixed in with strong retro mix of soul and funk.
City of Origin
Carson, California
Birth Name and Instruments
Brandon Hicks; Vocalist, guitarist & Pianist

Key Points of Interest
Currently recording new CD titled “Jupiter” for Fall'17 release
Previously released one digital Mix tape and two singles
Sold over 2500 copies of previous releases at local clubs
Playing live since 2005
Kovah’s song lyrics cover love and the general pleasures of today's youth that also reach multiple age groups and demographics

Additional Data
Western States tour of R&B/Hip-Hop clubs and college campuses planned for summer of '18
Music press (Industry All Access) has reviewed all previous releases favorably
Interviews and reviews of new single and EP will be solicited to R&B/Hip-Hop and pop press and radio

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Swerve Easy

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Available now on iTunes and Amazon Music

Kovah and The K.R.O.O Nation answer questions

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